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Wake Lures (SA)
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Wake (SA) Skinnies: Skinnies are designed for flat calm conditions, where they perform to perfection, as they are a quiet lure. These interesting lures hail from South Africa, where they are used to great effect for just about all predatory species of sea fish. but seriously excel at catching Tuna and GT's.

These baits all fall under the generic title of “Chisel Nose Plugs” & get featured on fishing programs as “chisel noses” They come in many guises & here we have four of the very best !

The Skinnies are totally hand made and like all WAKE(SA) lures wired straight through and is a topwater that sinks!
They cast like a bullet, incredible distances for a plastic lure. I have seen the larger ones chucked over 150yds with a 10' rod & an Alvey side cast reel (not the best setup). I have personally cast the 3oz/75gm ones 140yds on a 10' 6" Quarrow rod and an Okuma Safina Pro 80 loaded with 45lb braid & there is a rumour of an Aussie chucking the same lure 191yds (on dry land in a bait casting tournament) whatever, they fly ! 
For all their weight and slim design they stay on, or very near the top and have a unique action, a cross between walk the dog and a darting action.
One thing is certain, the fish go wild for them and I've had all-sorts, jacks, snapper, barracuda and bass here in the UK.
They will be sent out as pictured without a hook but with a heavy duty big game worth split ring as we know you monster hunters all have your own favourite hook that you will want to instal.

The smaller sizes up to the 3oz are injection moulded and hand finished, but the larger ones 4oz & 5oz are entirely hand made.
Wake (SA) Skinny big game lure colours

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P&P (£)
4.25" / 11cm 1oz / 26gms
5.5" / 14cm 2ozs(1.9oz / 50gms)
6.4" / 16.5 cm 3ozs(2.8oz / 75gms)
7.75" / 20cm 4.5ozs / 126gms big eye                     White only
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7" / 18cm  4oz (3.7ozs / 104gms) small eye
Wake (SA) Skinnies, Each
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GT and Yellow tail on Wake SA Lures
Blue fish and a Leer fish on a Wake SA Skinny
Wake (SA) Skinnies...
Wake (SA) Needle Nose Lures: The second lure in the WAKE (sa) range, is the NEEDLE NOSE, Simple name for a simple lure.
Needle noses are designed for a slight chop, as they are a little more noisy than the skinnies but will also perform well in calm water

The NEEDLE NOSE flies just about as well as the SKINNY and like the SKINNY it is designed to fish at long distances in or through the surf. But the NEEDLE NOSE has a tighter more wiggling / darting movement, less side to side and on a slower retrieve, a bit more back end down, nose up. They also have Rattling googly eyes, I'm never sure whether these eyes add that much to the attraction, but hundreds of you tell me they do! I have been asked if we can get some of the other lures made with these eyes, so they certainly have their fans.

I have seen these fished with a feathered treble hook and even a small soft bait grub or worm on a single, both have their attractions, but hamper the cast. The soft plastic option will halve the casting distance on the one ounce and knock around a third off the two ounce.

The NEEDLE NOSE is injection moulded, hand finished and like all WAKE(SA) lures wired straight through and is a topwater that sinks !
This range has just two weights at this time, the 1oz/29g/4" and the 2oz/59g/5" and in 5 colors and comes to you rigged with a heavy duty Worth split ring only ready for you to fit your personal favourite hook.
Once again these lures do catch ! And all the usual contenders go for them.
Wake (SA) Needle nose lure colours
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1oz / 29g / 4"
2oz / 59g / 5"
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Wake (SA) Needle Nose, Each

Wake (SA) Needle Nose Lures...
Blue fish on a Wake SA Needle nose lure
Queen fish on a Wake SA Needle nose lure
Wake (SA) Lichia Lures: This is the third in the WAKE (sa) range, the Lichia.
Lichia & Seriloa are both designed for choppy water & are noisy lures, slapping from side to side as you retrieve them.

It is much broader in the body than the SKINNY or the NEEDLE NOSE  & therefore much easier to work on the surface at slower speeds, exceptionally good for when the fish aren't really in the mood for a fast chase, especially good for European Sea bass which are lazy compared to Jacks, Tuna & cudas that are always up for a chase.

It is totally hand made & like all WAKE(SA) lures wired straight through & is a topwater that sinks !
It can or course always be worked at speed when the fish are up for a chase, this is probably the most versatile model in the range.
These lures are also great casting lures & will fly great distances with very little effort, out casting pretty much everything in the same weight class.
Two colours only at the moment, more to follow in the future, seven sizes & the whole range is hand made and come to you with a heavy duty Worth split ring for you to fit your personal favourite hook.
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1/2oz/15gm   2.25"/55mm
3/4oz/21gm   2.75"/68mm
P&P (£)
Wake (SA) Lichia, Each
1oz/28g         2.75"/68mm
1.5oz/40g      3.1"/80mm
2oz/58gm      3.75"95mm
3oz/79gm      4.25"/109mm
6oz/162gm    6"/150mm, White only
Wake (SA) Lichia Lures...

The Wake(sa) Seriola is the fourth lure in the range & is very similar in shape & action to the GT Ice Cream. The WAKE(sa) Seriola  is totally hand made & like all WAKE(SA) lures wired straight through & is a topwater that sinks !
It comes in 8 sizes/weights, fly's as well as the Needle Nose & has accounted for some truly outstanding catches in South Africa, where this whole range of lures are the number one sellers. They have a splashy tail wiggling action & catch anything with an attitude !
The work best on a straight retrieve, fast or slow they attract fish, but keep them moving & away from the bottom.

The whole range is hand made and come to you with a heavy duty Worth split ring for you to fit your personal favourite hook
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1/2oz/15gm,  2.9"/74mm
3/4oz/20gm,  3.15"/80mm
P&P (£)
Wake (SA) Seriola, Each
1oz/25gm,  3.5"/90mm
1.5oz/45gm,  4.25"/105mm
Wake SA Seriola Lures
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Price £
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P&P (£)
Wake (SA) Seriola 2+ oz, Each
2oz/64gm,  4.3"/104mm
3oz/84gm,  5.15"/130mm
4oz/114gm,  5.9"/150mm
5oz/134gm,  6.4"/163mm

Wake (SA) Seriola...
Leerfish on Wake lures
Leerfish on Wake lures
There are several companies making this style of lure, the most famous of which is "GT Icecream" & they all get called "GT Icecream", just like vacuum cleaners get called "Hoovers" & non lure fishermen call Plugs "rapala's". The range below come to you from Wake (sa) & come hook-less so all you experienced big game anglers can fit your favorite hooks & split rings. We stock inline singles, assist hooks, trebles, split rings & swivels for you to choose from.
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