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Flambeau Belt Mate
Keeps live bait cool, fresh and within reach. Vented, snap-latch cover. Attaches to any belt up to 2 1/2 wide.
Flambeau Belt Mate
6610 Belt Mate
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Floterite bucket being used wading
Flambeau Flote-Rite Trolling Bait Bucket
Trolling bait bucket
This bucket was designed 30+ years ago to drag along behind your boat / kayak to keep your livebaits (be they live fish, prawns, sand eels etc) in pristine condition. No need for an air pump as the water circulates all the time you are pulling it along. When you stop the bucket stands up like a self cocking float.

"Stabilising keel" design keeps bucket upright no matter how it hits the water. Flow-through holes keep bait alive longer. Mounting holes provided for attaching a battery-operated aeration pump when moving from place to place at high speed or transporting live bait to and from the boat. Easy opening door for one hand operation which is held shut while being towed by a kevlar spring, therefore nothing to rust or corrode.

This piece of kit has been on the market since the late 70's, copied many times but never bettered.

As you can see from the adjacent pictures which were sent in by a customer this bucket is also a must when wading and targeting bass from the shore.
Flote-Rite Trolling Bait Bucket, Yellow, 9 quarts
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Please note, the postage quoted for all buckets is 3 to 5 working days delivery on UK mainland.
Next working day delivery, Highlands & Islands, please telephone for details.
Please note these buckets will cost around 20 to post to Europe and 48 to ship to the USA.
Air pump A
(Remember it is illegal to transport freshwater fish from one water to another without the correct DEFRA paperwork).
Air Pump A: made in Europe, runs on two U2 (torch type) batteries (not included), it also comes with approximately 1/2 m air tubing and a 20mm air stone.
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A. Air Pump (2 x U2 Batteries - not included)
Please note, the postage quoted for all buckets is 3 to 5 working days delivery.
Next working day delivery can be arranged, please telephone for details.
Below are two extremely robust livebait buckets aimed at the semi-professional / guide. These buckets will take more punishment, last longer and hold more livebait than most others on the market. They come with a single speed air pump (A) as standard.

They have a much easier to operate catch on the livebait cage and a removable stopper to prevent spillage when the pump is not in use. They come in 13 litre and 18 litre and both are made in Europe.  As with everything else we stock we have tested both of these buckets to destruction and both buckets withstood well in excess of three times their load capacity before either handle failed, so there is no possibility of either bucket letting you down under normal fishing conditions.
Large Livebait Bucket with Air Pump:
Large Livebait Buckets
13 litre Livebait bucket with air pump A
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18 litre Livebait bucket with air pump A
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Livebait Transporting
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Belt Mate
Large Livebait Bucket
Air Pump
Trolling Bait Bucket
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Floterite bucket in use
Fish caught using Floterite bucket
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