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GLRVE GLF-9004 Pike Fly rod 10#wt 4 piece
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GLRVE GLF-9004 Pike Fly Rod: 10#wt, 4-piece. Over the past few years I have tried and broken just about every travelling rod available, from the cheapest to the dearest and including the top three names in the business. I have found that nearly all travelling rods have blank spots where they join and having a very powerful forward cast I manage to snap them off at the butt including a very expensive £900 American rod. On a recent trip to Cuba  I bought one of these, (the GLF-9004 10#wt) and tracked it back to source.

On removing it from the bag my initial thoughts were they had supplied me the wrong rod as this felt more like a 6#wt. However one afternoon on the Thames in a strong wind coupled with a Teeny weight forward sink tip convinced me that this is the best Pike / Saltwater travelling rod on the market at the moment and I canít recommend it highly enough.
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Pike fly rod, 10#wt travelling
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