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Teeny Fly Lines
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Teeny T-300 Fly Line
Teeny TS-T 300 Fly Line
Teeny Dave Whitlock WF-10F
Teeny Level Shooting .031
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Teeny Fly Line

: I was introduced to Teeny Fly Lines in November’07. On the very first outing they tripled my casting distance and improved my accuracy by a 1000%. I cannot recommend these lines highly enough, they have totally transformed my fly fishing and allowed me to reach fish in places where once I would have stood and said “if only”. The one thing you cannot skimp on when fly fishing is a good quality line and here at Sovereign we believe these are the best in their price range. Add to this the fact that every line comes with a free instructional DVD showing you some great tips, tricks and knots.
Starting from top left clockwise we have

The Teeny T-300

which is a 90’’ sink tip floating line. It is divided 24’ sinking tip, 66’ floating belly. Sink rate is 6 1/2” per second. This is weight forward line and suits rods from 7#wt to 10#wt.
The Teeny TS-T 300 which is also a sink tip floating belly line but has a far more aggressive construction. This line is 100’ in length, has 24’ sinking tip with the last 10’ being clear and a 76’ floating belly. Its sink rate is 2” per second and suits rods from 8#wt to 10#wt.
The next in our series is the

Dave Whitlock Weight forward 10 floating

. This line is specifically designed to cast budgie sized pike flies into a heavy wind. This is an 85’ line with an extremely aggressive taper, with all the weight in the front 30’
The last in our range is a

100’ belly line in “0.031”

which is intended for you to add the shooting head of your choice. This level shooting belly is of course floating and can be used on any weight of rod with the appropriate shooting head.
Teeny Fly Line
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