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Big Game Grubs

: We have been trying to track down these grubs for a couple of years. We first came across them in Florida. Their size and density make them very accurate for casting, they weigh in at 55g on their own and are as thick as a 10 pence piece in the centre. They measure 7 as pictured and 9 when unfurled tip to toe. These grubs are also perfect for replacing tails on Squirly Birts etc.     
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Big Game Grub
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Large curly tail grubs - Big game grub colours
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Mogambo Grub (single colour), 6 1/2, 27g, Each
Mogambo Grub (two tone), 6 1/2, 27g, Each
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Mogambo Grubs

: These large soft grubs are excellent lures in themselves with their huge sickle flag tails and are best rigged on a single 6/O Barbarian jighead. The Mogambo grub is also suitable for replacing the tails on Squirrley Burts, Squirkos and other hybrid baits and at a very realistic price. The two colour grubs are 50:50, one colour each side; Please note some of the pearl colours in the picture are reflecting shades of red and are not actually red.
Mogambo Grubs, single colour
Mogambo grubs, two colour

Sovereign Super Grub

: The Sovereign Supergrub is available in 4 colours, Yellow, Orange, Black and Blue.
It measures 8 as viewed and 13 American style tip of tail to tip of nose. The body is around 2cm in diameter and it weighs in at 32g
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8 Supergrubs - Unrigged Each
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Reduced size picture to show colour availability and size.
Sovereign Supergrub2
Sovereign Supergrub
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