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Pike on a Shad
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2” Mann's Shads 10Pack
2” Mann's Shads, one each colour sample 10pack
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3” Mann's Shads 10Pack          
4” Mann's Shads 10Pack                                            
4” Mann's Shads, one each colour sample 12pack   
6” Mann's Shads Each          
6” Mann's Shads 10Pack                                           
6” Mann's Shads, one each colour sample 12pack   
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
New colours 4"
Mann's Shad Colour Range2
Mann's Shad Colour Range1
A Grafham zander caught on a 4" Manns Shad by Paul Ockenden
Pike caught on Manns Shad


: An awesome super soft shad designed by world lure fishing champion Dietmar Isaiasch. Developed initially for Pike and Zander fishing, there are now a full range of 12 colours in 4 sizes which lend themselves equally well to sea and freshwater fishing.

Their innovative design gives them a unique tail action and body wobble, attracting fish from many metres away due to the huge vibrations sent out by the tail.

This unique design enables these shads to be fished at extremely slow speeds.

In independent tests carried out by many anglers in different parts of the country, these shads have outfished other well known makes by up to 10 to 1.
This pike was caught by Sjors Hempenius on a Mann’s shad.

The best Pike reported to date in UK is 31lb 4oz, the best Bass in UK is 14lb 6oz. and the best Cod is 32lb and a 20lb Pollock, some of which are featured on the gallery page.
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Mann's Shad

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