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Flambeau Maximiser - greatest lure organiser in the world
Flambeau Maximizer large lure storage box
Flambeau Maximiser big game lure organiser
Flambeau Maximizer lure organiser

Flambeau Maximizer:

the ultimate in large bait storage. Each rack will hold over 50 large baits with room for more than 100 as in Option 1. This is the original and in our opinion still the best large lure storage system available anywhere in the world today, much copied but never bettered.

We have been working closely with Flambeau since 1999 and have secured the sole rights to two options on the Maximiser system.
A single dropin tray replaces the lure rack as in option 2 leaves you a cavernous space that will take anything from half a dozen reels to a spare set of clothes.

Option 3, two dropin trays, turns this super robust box into a general purpose heavy duty tackle box.

Also available separately are the Maximiser interior hanging lure blocks & the lift out trays (once again exclusive to Sovereign Superbaits).
The lure blocks are available for you to fit under the seats in your own boat or to store lures at home which can be interchangeable for every fishing expedition.
The lift out trays are also available to buy separately to change the configuration of your maximizer for that special expedition.
Please note the current "box" colour is dark blue as of Jan 2018.

Dimensions: 28 x 14 x 15             
Now available in 3 options exclusively from Sovereign Superbaits
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Flambeau Maximizer
Dimensions: 28 x 14 x 15
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Maximizer customised pullout tray
Maximizer Interior hanging rack as viewed in picture 1
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Flambeau marine box, fishing tackle box, large
Flambeau small marine box
Please note - the above shipping cost is for 2 to 5 day standard delivery excluding Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland for which the cost is 20, 2 to 5 day service. Next day is not possible for these locations.
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Flambeau Marine Box / Kayak Box


The large marine box measures 45cm/17.75" X 26cm/10.25" X 30cm/12" giving a total of just over 35ltrs of space/volume.
This has space in the lid for small stuff, (forceps, scissors, phone,first aid kit, or other small stuff you need at hand quickly).
The larger one also has optional dividers (included).

The medium dry box measures 38cm/15" X 26cm/10.25" X 19cm/7.5" giving a total of just over 18.77ltrs of space/volume.
This also has space in the lid for small stuff as above in the "horse shoe" shaped covered recess.

The smallest box in the range measures 11 1/2"/29CM X 7 1/4"/8.5CM X 5 1/2"/14CM giving a total of 4.2ltrs of space / volume, made for the angler who needs to travel light, but still needs a waterproof box.

This box is great for all types of fishing, but especially suited to sea fishing & in particular Kayak fishing, as it is totally water proof and can be run under the tap / hosed off back at the marina, before loading in the car,  therefore not dragging salt onto the the carpets of the car.
It keeps everything in side salt free (all the time the lid is shut) & will transport anything from a spare reel to your lunch safe & dry !

It is great for the mobile angler as it will hold just about all you need for a days fishing.

The larger model is my first choice for an in-flight bag, it is inside all the travel companies "over head locker/carry on" measurements & will take all your valuable non dangerous, non banned items on board with you, without getting them damaged by the idiot in the next seat stuffing his crap in on top of yours.

It is also perfect for the shooter to keep ammunition, scopes, powder & tool's bone dry, due to its "O" ring seal it is totally water proof to 4m, perfect for the wildfowler to keep your gear dry on the marsh, then simply hose off to clean, with the lid clipped shut it is totally water proof.
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Flambeau Marine Box
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Flambeau marine box, fishing tackle box
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Flambeau Maximizer 
Flambeau Marine Box
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