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Bass on a Flash prawn
6 1/2lb Bass on a Flash prawn
Flash Prawn colours
A 3kilo Jack Crevalle caught on a 3/8 oz blue flash prawn, March 2014, The Gambia
Jack Crevalle caught on a flash prawn
Another slightly larger Jack Crevalle caught on the same lure on the same day.
Jack Crevalle caught on a flash prawn

The Surecatch Flash Prawn

is probably one of the best all-round ultralite / Fly / LRF lures we have found to date.
They are supplied in packs of 4 and come in three different sizes & 10 colours.

With a lead body covered in coloured fish skin, flashabou & tinsel, these lures are fantastic catchers at a  silly cheap price of£1.25 each !!!!

That's half the price of the cheapest bass fly & about the same price as the cheapest "Un-rigged" soft plastic & they are ready to fish !!

Top them off with a little piece of squid or prawn & you've got an irresistible bait that will catch just about anything in UK waters !!!!!

I personally can't recommend this lure highly enough, when trying this out 10 years back it caught on the first 5 casts !!!

The 1/8 oz (3.5g) has a body length of 2.5” (65mm) and a total length including whiskers of 4 1/4” (110mm) and are mounted on a size 4 hook.
Apart from LRF, This size can be used on a reservoir trout rod with ease, or as an ultralite on a lure rod.

The 1/4 oz (7g) has a body length of 3 3/8” (85mm) with the same overall length of 4 1/4” (110mm) and mounted on a size 1 hook.
This size gets down a little quicker when used as an LRF lure & this size needs an 8# or greater fly rod, as it needs the extra line weight to keep it airialized & will of course also fish in an ultralite lure rod.

The 3/8 oz (10.5g) has a body length of 3 1/2” (90mm) and an overall length of 4 1/4” (110mm) and is mounted on a 1/O hook.
This size casts like a bullet & is more at home on a light lure / LRF rod, can be cast on a 9# or 10# by an experienced fly caster, but it can be a bit of a "chuck & duck" if you are not used to casting heavy flies.

We've used these all over the world & caught all sorts on them (see the pictures)

All three sizes can be fished on sea gear either on their own, flying collar style or in strings like Mackerel feathers.
They can be fished baited or un-baited, they are one of the most versatile baits we have ever found.

The fishing possibilities for this lure are truly endless as everything eats prawns / shrimps.
We have already caught a host of species, both saltwater and fresh on these lures and they have proved extremely popular with SEA TROUT and SALMON fishermen all over Europe. ( maybe not the bailiffs though)
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4Pack Flash Prawn, 1/8 oz
4Pack Flash Prawn, 1/4 oz
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Surecatch Flash Prawns
Yo-Zuri Tuna Jigs
Nine bones caught on a flash prawn
Nine bones caught on a flash prawn
A "Nine Bones" (local name), elops Senegalensis, caught on our March 2014 trip to The Gambia
Closeup of the same fish showing the Flash prawn in its mouth

Yo-Zuri Tuna Jig

is ,also known as

"Trolling feather jigs"

These are used by professional fishermen in the far east to catch Tuna commercially. 
We have them in the most productive colour & three sizes.

They are castable, trollable & you can also fish them in strings, while the smallest size is also great for LRF.

If they catch Tuna, they will catch all the usual suspects in the seas around the UK.

We have had great success casting & trolling them for bass & while deep trolling in the mid English channel, we had some truly huge mackerel, on one occasion four fish over 3lb in under 15 minutes, the best being 3lb 13oz.
All off the bottom in 200'+ 18 miles out of Newhaven in the shipping lanes.

These look simple but have a pedigree second to none.
We have seen these in the large size (1oz) on sale for as much as £23.95 each !

These are all tied on double hooks & will troll at speeds up to 8 knots ( with suitable line/braid)
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Size 1  70mm  long & 4gms 
Size 2  80mm  long & 5gms 
Size 3 85mm   long & 6gms 
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Yo-Zuri Tuna Jig  Each

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Size 1  70mm  long & 4gms, 10Pack
Size 2  80mm  long & 5gms, 10Pack 
Size 3 85mm   long & 6gms, 10Pack
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Yo-Zuri Tuna Jig  10Pack


Tuna Jigs & Flash Prawns

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