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Allcock 5" Spoon Blanks

We bought these spoon blanks from the receivers / accountants who dealt with the closing down of Allcocks some years back.
They were at the time making things for other companies & we were told they were making these for Williamson's.
Whichever way you look at it these are english made spoons.

They are badged / labeled as 2 1/2oz, but the brass ones weigh 50g & the stainless steel ones weigh 45g.
When we had them in stock the copper ones did indeed weigh 2oz / 56gms.
They do however need polishing & hooks fitting, if you have time on your hands or just like making your own tackle, these are for you !

We have all the other bits & bobs you'll need to finish them off :- Swivels, split rings, trebles, In line singles, skirt material.

We have experimented with a few different ideas over the years, including polishing just one side, or half of both sides to create different amounts of "flash".
We also tried out some paint effects, they simply need cleaning with a de-greaser & priming with"etch" prime & then your chosen colour on top & it is amazing what you can achieve with some masking tape & a few spray cans.

They will catch whether polished or not & unlike most spoons available these days, these  are SOLID metal,  NOT "plated tin" so they will never rust, the colour will not change from brass to rusty steel after a winter in your bag / box.!

Blair spoon blanks can be found here... 
Treble hooks here...       
Split rings here...,.
Allcock fishing spoon blank
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Allcock spoon blank, 5", each
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Blades & Spoons

Sovereign Rattling ‘Gator backed Spoon Blanks

: These spoons are approximately the same size and weight as our copper spoons and bandit spoons (5"/50g).

They come in 8 colours and have a rattle chamber attached to the underside & are made in the USA.

These were originally designed for catching American catfish at night. We took a few of these spoons with us to Montenegro a few years back and on our way through Belgrade I gave a couple of them to a well known catfish angler who by the time we returned 3 days later had caught 53 fish including one fish of 55 kilos.
Proof positive these spoons catch !

You can buy these with swivel and treble pre-attached here...
(Only colours listed are in stock)
Sovereign Rattling ’Gator backed Spoon blank, 5”, 50g
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Sovereign Rattling gator backed spoons
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