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Betmen Metal Blade Bait

The Betmen is a very old Australian lure from the early sixties, which has been revived by a Serbian company, this time made out of zinc rather than lead.
It can be rigged in many ways, the simplest of which is the option at the bottom of the picture below, simply a double hook threaded through the back eye. ( we have assembled it in the weedless configuration "hook up")

The Betmen lure can have anything from a bare hook to a small soft plastic behind it, these lures were used as flat fish attractors (flounder spoons) long before Flounder spoons became the norm.
With a few beads & a single baited "J" hook behind, these are deadly on the drift or when cast in an estuary over mud & sand.

There are three towing points on the front & they can be used to balance the Betmen lure with something behind or to adjust the diving depth of the lure or both.
The Betmen lure may be 50+ years old, but it is very versatile & it catches fish for under a fiver !

These were used extensively in Aus for "flathead" & bream" (Aussies call them Brim) in the same way we use flounder spoons.
Being small & dense they stay nearer the bottom & are less affected by tide, keeping your bait "in the zone".
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Betmen Blade Baits

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