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Shallow Divers
Close-up of a Jack Pike that took a 1-Minus on the Tillingham.
Jack Pike close-up on Manns 1-minus
Optimum Top Minnow colour
Optimum Top Minnow: Here we have an interesting bait from a company with a great pedigree, the ultimate in hybrid lures, a cross between a Squirly Bert and a 1-Minus. The only way to describe the action of this bait is like a sub-surface Hawg Wobbler with a soft tail. It has a slightly tighter wiggle than a Hawg Wobbler which is amply compensated for with the soft paddle tail. Highly recommended  for shallow, weedy situations.  This lure can also be trolled along the marginal shelf of the larger rivers. We have had excellent results on the Thames.               Prices...
Please remember wood baits need standard maintenance such as drying and scratches touching up before reusing.
Optimum Top Minnow, 9, 102g
Optimum Top Minnow, 7, 50g
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Maxximus Fatboy...
Optimum Top Minnow...
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Maxximus Fatboy lure colours
Maxximus Fatboy: This is one of very few good baits to come from tackle giant Fladen.

It casts well, moves well in the water, has decent hooks & split rings as standard, but above all catches fish !

We have it in just two colours (orange tiger & black tiger) as it has been discontinued after a very short time in production (maybe they don't like making lures that actually work!).

We have had great success with this easy to use, easy to fish lure & what's more we can offer it to you for half price because it has been discontinued, but don't hang about we only have a few dozen.

It is a Floater, it weighs 50g it is 140mm/.5" long, comes standard with Owner ST-41 2x hooks.

It has lazy wobbling & rolling action, runs "just" under the surface, but is really a top water. Great for working over the weeds & shallow gravel bars where it excels.
RRP 19.99  Our price "while stocks last" 9.99 postage 50p
Maxximus Fatboy, 50g, 5"
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