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Mannís Twofer

: Mannís name this lure quite obviously because they believe you get two lures for the price of one as you can connect to either end of the lure. In one position it is a blade tailed popper and in the other position it is a blade nosed stick bait. However we have discovered while testing that it can actually be fished in three ways, when attaching to the blade end if you run it rod up the blade obviously spins creating a good surface wake. However if you run it with the tip of the rod close to the water, it will run just over a foot down and wiggle side to side (similar depth to the 1-Minus) which is very handy on those days when the pike / bass are just not quite brave enough to take a top-water.      Price...
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Mannís Twofer, 4Ē, 16g, each
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Magnum Chug-N-Spit

: This is the biggest commercially available, "fish straight from the packet" popper in the world.  At 7Ē long and weighing in at 4 ozs (that is as big as a Cornetto) & made from poly-carbonate, it is also one of the toughest.
It comes fitted out with Eagle claw 4 X trebles & Worth extra strong split rings.You can get stronger hooks but you have to pay $6 per hook.
On a 10' purpose built 150gm lure rod Iíve personally chucked these things a little over 100 yards and ten or so years back, saw the late Neil Mackellow chuck one of these 147 yds on a Zziplex beachcaster (they can cast !).

They are of course intended for big game fishing & have accounted for thousands of big tuna, jacks, GTs and of course all big tropical saltwater fish with attitude.
Several seasons ago while teasing up the bass for some friends with smaller lures, I caught two 3lb bass on the same lure at the same time, one on each hook!
They are also dynamite for pike in the summer and autumn, plus we have had catfish on them in Mequinenza & I have got customers who have caught Barramundi on them in Australia.
On the first day of a trip to Lake Nasser I had one snaffled off the end on the first cast on 85lb braid and who knows what we could have achieved in that week if I hadn't lost it ??.
This lure is not for the faint hearted, it is big and it is loud. If you want to get noticed by big fish, this is the tool.
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Mannís Magnum Chug-N-Spit, Surface, 4ozs 7Ē
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Cobia caught on a Manns Chug-n-Spit
Peter Finnis with a 35lb Cobia caught on a Magnum Chug-n-Spit while on a recent trip to Florida.
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Mann's Chug-n-Spit

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