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California Classic

: Here we have two fantastic American swimbaits, one single jointed, one double jointed. What is more they are made of wood not plastic and we all know you get a much better action from a wooden lure. These are all hand built and hand painted and retail in the States for between 25 and 35 dollars. Our special relationship with Reaction Strike enables us to bring you these two lures at a massively reduced price.

We have stocked this range of articulated wood baits for over a decade now & they have proved very popular,all hand made in the US for us, fitted with Owner trebles and Wolverine stainless steel split rings as standard.
These have a far superior action to similar sized/style plastic baits and have already accounted for some seriously good fish in the UK & all over Europe.

We have also used these for sea fish, having great results for all the usual toothy suspects, in Africa we've had Barracuda, Jacks, leerfish, Queen fish, ladyfish/Nine bones, in South America we've had Roosters, Cubera snapper, kings, Spanish Mackerel, just to name a few !!!

These are a great all round bait, they will catch in fresh or salt water as long as you can cast !!

Both these lures are extremely easy to work, a straight crank will have them swimming side to side like a wounded bait fish. The slightest twitch causes them to roll and flash their flanks. They have a relatively slow sink rate of around 9” per second but bear in mind they are wood and this can vary. They cast extremely well and don’t tangle in flight. 

In the States these are used for both Sea Bass and Freshwater Bass along with Pike and Musky.       Prices...
Please remember wood baits need standard maintenance such as drying and scratches touching up before reusing.
California classic double jointed colours
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California Classic, Single Jointed, 7”, 65g
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California classic single jointed colours
Bass Candy wood bait
Homewrecker wood bait
Glider G wood bait
California Classic Wood bait

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