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Livebait Traps
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(A) Minnow / Crayfish / Prawn Trap, 24” x 12”, Round, collapsible, zip-up bait purse, 7mm mesh.
(B) Crayfish / Crab Trap, 18” x 9”, Round, collapsible.
(C) Minnow / Prawn / Sand Eel Trap, 37” x 12” with 7mm mesh, Round, collapsible, zip-up bait purse.
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Minnow / Prawn / Sand Eel Eco Trap
Livebait Traps & Seine Net
The round trap, (C) , is a much larger version of trap A, a very rugged professional quality multipurpose trap. Originally designed for professional crustacean fishermen in the Far-East, this has proved a firm favourite with professional rod and line Bass fishermen here in the UK for catching an assortment of live baits.
The smaller round crayfish trap, (B),  will catch fish but is primarily intended for crustaceans. This also fully complies with current EA regulations for the trapping of Crayfish in UK waterways.
The larger round minnow trap, (A), is of professional quality and has a robust woven mesh of about 7mm, is ideally suited to uneven bottoms because the round shape will settle between snags. It is one of our most robust traps. It also has a zipped bait purse and a zipper access to extract whatever you have caught and is EA legal and Otter / Water Vole safe. It has a reduced opening of 90mm to prevent ingress from Otters and Water Voles and can be safely left out all night without endangering our aquatic mammalian wildlife.
The traps shown here have a selection of different uses and are all collapsible.
Livebait / Minnow Traps: For those of you who don’t like to spend all day catching livebaits we have sourced some Minnow and larger fish traps which are also suitable for catching Crayfish, Crabs and Prawns..

WARNING: You are only allowed to take non-native crayfish, i.e. Signals for human consumption after obtaining written permission from your local environment agency contact, we have not heard of anyone who has actually been turned down. It would seem this is a just another red tape exercise, but our advice would be that you check with the EA. You are not allowed to use Crayfish or any part of a Crayfish for bait in the UK. Note you are also not allowed to move live fish from one water to another without a pre-arranged Environment Agency license. These are Environment Agency National Bylaws. Breaking these bylaws can result in a fine of £2000 per offence.
Livebait / Crayfish / Minnow Trap
Prawn / Sand Eel Trap
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