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The ice / structure rod

is actually quite a powerful little beast at a mere 74 cm. It is setup for multiplier use and is capable of casting anything up to 100g. This is quite obviously more a specialist rod  originally designed for ice fishing for pike in the arctic cycle.

We first imported these for fishing under low bridges from a boat where there was not enough height to use a normal rod.
Since then this rod has rapidly been finding favour with Kayak fishermen. While obviously not specifically designed for Kayak fishing its short length and single handed application makes it an obvious choice for the job when in close to rocks or under a pier.

The shorter ice rod being especially useful for one-handed bait casting while there is a need to stabilize your kayak with one hand on the structure or paddle. Being one handed they are very sensitive & bites are easily detected, they cast very accurately & are immensely strong, we have landed some very large fish on these rods over the years. (But please bear in mind these rods are not designed to push you off the rocks, they WILL break! As one customer has already discovered)
Ice / structure fishing rod
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Ice / Structure rod, 74cm
Regrettably due to the changes in Royal Mail postal parameters these rods now cost us 6.80 to ship to you when bought on their own.  So ridiculous are the new postal regulations that 10 rods can travel for the same price!
Ice / Structure Rod 
Telescopic Ice Rod
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Cortest telescopic ice fishing rod
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Clam shell Cortest Ice fishing rod

Clam shell "Cortest" telescopic Ice fishing rod.

When folded this rod is 30cm, and extended is 65cm.

This ice rod will take a reel foot up to 70mm X 16mm of fast to medium action, and can be used with jigs up to 100gm.

So this rod lends it's self to the Kayak fishing market also, small enough to be kept set-up in your "Flambeau dry box", sensitive enough to register the lightest of bites, while being strong enough to land big fish.

Made from 8m carbon with evofoam handles in faux cork colour. Carbon reel seat completes the set-up, this rod can be washed down at the end of the day with out ruining the handle. A little WD40 on the eyes & reel seat will see this ice fishing rod lasting a life time even in a salt environment.

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