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Below is the infamous Salmo Slider.

If this had been the first jerkbait to hit the UK everybody would be jerk baiting instead of Carp fishing! You cannot retrieve it wrongly!
SLIDER: Designed by world famous angler Bertus Rozemeijer, manufactured by anglers at Salmo, Poland, imported and recommended by anglers here in the UK.
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Beaver Creek Little Brute, 135mm, 44g, Pair, one of each colour
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Beaver Creek Little Brute - Fishing jerkbait

Beaver Creek Little Brute Jerkbait

:   The Beaver Creek Little Brute is an out of production lure, once produced by "Yaris Sport" from Holland, the company responsible for the "Bertus ITT" range.

We have a small stock of this long out of production medium size jerkbait, a great catcher with all the pedigree of "Bertus Rozemeijer" behind it.

It casts well as you would expect & it has a lazy head down side to side wobble, it's a slow sinker  & it weighs in at just 44g is 135mm/5.25" in length & is fitted with size 2 round bend spark point trebles but we have just two colours.

We totally trashed one this year on our spring visit to the Gambia as the Barracuda couldn't leave it alone, it turned out to be a great midday lure accounting for several other species as well.
It will obviously catch pike as that is Bertus's forte, being the best pike angler on the planet he would hardly put his name to a lure that didn't work!
Beaver Creek Little Brute, 135mm, 44g, Each
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