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Salmo Sweeper

The Salmo Sweeper is available in one size,
  • 12cm / 34g, 4 3/4" / 1 1/8ozs


Out of production now for 3 years, we have bought all the available stock from Salmo.


The sweeper gets it's name from it's sweeping action, if you simply crank / wind it in, it will swim side to side & roll on the turn.

If you twitch it, it will glide from side to side & if you jerk it quickly it will "walk the dog" but sub surface !


It is a great Pike / Musky lure but we have used it very successfully for subtropical toothy sea fish like Jacks, leerfish, Queen fish, tarpon, & of course Barracudas, but Barracuda will make quite a mess of them with their powerful bite & their tendency to "chew" the bait all the way back to landing. 

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Salmo sweeper colours - Jerkbaits
Handmade lures from Poland.
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Salmo Sweeper, 12cm/34g, 4 3/4"/1 1/8ozs

Salmo Sweeper

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