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Epoxy Head EP Pike Flies: here we have a new range of Epoxy Headed EP flies in a total of 27 patterns.
All hand tied exclusively for us on 4/0 O'Shaughnessy 34007-SS.
All are generously tied with ample amounts of EP & other fibers, we haven't skimped on materials like so many other companies.

If you want to chuck a pike fly on a 4# these are not for you !
All this range are a minimum of 6 1/2" in length.

The unique mix of materials / fibers gives this range of flies a great action in the water & they won't go "bald" after a couple of jacks !

One customer/tester caught 93 pike on one fly before retiring it, with enough hair left to frame it !

These flies have also caught Tarpon, Barracuda & large Needle fish in Cuba, Barracuda, Ladyfish/Nine bone's & jacks in West Africa & Leerfish in South Africa & Montenegro.

They have endured the riggers of some of the best fighting fish & toothiest critters out there & all for a very reasonable price.
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Epoxy Headed EP Pike Flies
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Epoxy Headed EP Pike Flies

Epoxy Head EP Pike Flies

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