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Sovereign Superbaits cannot accept any responsibility for any descriptions or claims shown in the text supplied by the captors as we take them at face value. After all anyone submitting false claims are only fooling themselves.
Lauren Farnden
Lauren Farnden, seen here with the 6lb pike she caught held for the photo by her dad, Simon. Lauren came 2nd at the 2008 Ardingly lure match and chose a presentation box of size Sovereign Rattling spoons as her prize.
Joe Barlow with his 10lb Pike, part of a three fish winning bag at the recent 2008 Ardingly lure match where he came first in the junior section.
The Pike were all caught on a local still water 10 min's from my house.
An upper double Chalmer Pike taken from the same stretch as the two Chubb above but earlier in the year. The successful lure was a Superstretch 1-Minus.
Just thought I'll send you this photo of myself with a 13lb 6oz pike, caught on a Mann's 4'' Pearl Blue Shad which I bought off you at the last L.A.S conference at Derby. This Pike was the biggest of 3 fish, all came to the Pearl Blue Shad which is now looking a little bit past it's best.
Craig Mitchell with two Shad-caught Pike from  two different venues last summer, one weighing 15lb and one weighing 7lb.
Mark Brand with a nice fish on the Baltic.
Peter Finnis with a reservoir caught 20lb. The successful lure (borrowed) was a Mann’s Magnum Stretch 8+ in Firetiger, from the same reservoir.
Me with a reservoir caught 20+lb; The successful lure was a Mann's Magnum Stretch 8+ Fire Tiger Pattern.
Another reservoir fish - a long lean 22 pounder. The successful lure was a Mann’s Loudmouth in Firetiger. These fish came from the same reservoir a week apart but just look at the similarities between them !!!
Mark again with a 15lb+ caught from the bank at Ardleigh Reservoir, Essex, caught on a 6” Mann’s Shad in Realfish..
Email received:
Just thought I´d send a picture and a few words about a couple of items I purchased from you. In April I came over from Sweden and visited your stand at the Stoneleigh exhibition. Before I knew it I had purchased a Rozemeijer Power jerk rod and a LH6BB bait caster reel. Back in Sweden I was soon out wanging lures and caught a few fish on the new outfit. It is a lovely rod to play fish on and the reel cast very well. I have now caught over 50 pike on the rod and reel. The icing on the cake was a few weeks back when I caught a cracking fish weighing 22-4 (see attached picture) on a home made jerkbait from a huge lake near my home in Stockholm.
Ken Wilkes
Darryl Kirkbright with a 30lb+
Darryl Kirkbright with allegedly a Pike, in my opinion a very good double, caught on a Lancashire non-Trout reservoir from the bank on a 125mm Perch-pattern (RPH) sinking Salmo Slider, November 2003.
Caught on a spinner by Samuel Webb, aged 9, on a 10lbs line and a match rod, the fish measured 40" in length which would put it at just less than 20lbs.
roy and bertus
Wayne Fletcher with a 20lb lure-caught Ardingly fish which took the prize for largest fish at the 2003 LAS bash.
Wayne with a 13lb Ardleigh fish caught on a 3” shad on an ultralite rod, June 2004
A better picture of Wayne’s Ardingly 20.
Roy celebrating his 70th birthday with Bertus Rozemeijer on a Dutch canal, June 2004 with a modest seven pounder.
Three pictures of a Dutch 36lb Pike caught on a Magnum bulldawg by Bert Rozemeijer, June 2003. The fish measured 125cm / 49 1/4”. The two pictures above were taken simultaneously on different cameras to accurately capture the proportions of this outstanding fish.
Roy Curtis with his first ever lure-caught Pike of around 6lbs.Caught at Tilgate Lake, Crawley, December 2002.
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